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Fotona SMOOTH®– Gynecology Laser Treatments

Embrace the power of SMOOTH®

Why Fotona SMOOTH®?

Connective tissue in the vaginal walls is an important factor in pelvic organ support. Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction mainly arise from laxity in the vagina or its supporting ligaments, due to increasing age and vaginal childbirth. Fotona SMOOTH® procedures are non-invasive, non-ablative laser procedures that use a patented laser technology to send mild heat pulses to the vaginal walls, resulting in functional strengthening of connective tissue inside the vaginal wall, an overall increase in vaginal wall thickness and functional improvement in the mucosal tissue.

  • Simple and quick
  • High success rate
  • Patient satisfaction
What is a Fotona SMOOTH® laser pulse?

Fotona SMOOTH® gynecological procedures are based on the discovery that the delivery of an optimal sequence of heat pulses to the vaginal mucosa results in strengthening and rejuvenation of the vaginal wall. Fotona SMOOTH® operates at the optimal infrared Er:YAG laser wavelength (2.94 µm) that coincides with the maximal absorption peak of the mucosal tissue. This ensures that the laser light is delivered to the tissue in a controlled superficial manner without the risk of affecting deeper-lying structures.

Fotona SMOOTH® treatments


Laser treatment for stress and mixed urinary incontinence

IncontiLase® treatment works by improving the urethral support by photothermal strengthening of the vaginal wall using an Er:YAG laser procedure with proprietary non-ablative Fotona SMOOTH® technology. It affects the connective tissue in the vaginal mucosa with emphasis on the anterior vaginal wall.



Vaginal tightening treatment

IntimaLase® is an incisionless laser treatment for vaginal relaxation syndrome. It photothermally tightens the vaginal canal using an Er:YAG laser procedure with proprietary non-ablative Fotona SMOOTH® technology. The mechanism of action is based on the shrinking and thickening of connective tissue in the vaginal wall.



Treatment for genitourinary syndrome of menopause / vaginal atrophy

RenovaLase® works by non-ablative gentle photothermal treatment of the vaginal canal using very low energies that cause mild hyperthermia and induce microvascularisation and tissue regeneration without shrinking the collagen. It restores normal vaginal mucosa structure and function and eliminates the need for long-term estrogen treatment.



Laser treatment for pelvic organ prolapse

ProlapLase® is a laser treatment for pelvic organ prolapse that uses Fotona SMOOTH® laser technology to photothermally strengthen the tissue around the prolapsed area via laser-mediated stimulation of collagen remodeling and synthesis of new collagen fibers.


The numbers speak for themselves

81% with no or mild incontinence

After IncontiLase® treatment, 81% of women that previously suffered from severe urinary incontinence were free of symptoms or had very mild symptoms. Novel minimally invasive laser treatment of urinary incontinence in women. Ogrinc UB, Senčar S, Lenasi H. Lasers Surg Med., 2015: 47(9): 689-97

Improved sexual gratification

95% of women experienced better sensation and more friction during sex, and more than 50% experienced better orgasms after having the IntimaLase® treatment. Gaviria J., Journal of Laser and Health Academy, 2012(1); 46-58

95% with no dryness and pain

After the RenovaLase® procedure (ref.) more than 95% of menopausal women experienced a significant reduction in vaginal dryness, irritation and pain during intercourse. Novel minimally invasive laser treatment of urinary incontinence in women. Ogrinc UB, Senčar S, Lenasi H. Lasers Surg Med., 2015: 47(9): 689-97

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Scientific Evidence Behind Fotona SMOOTH®
Treatments in Gynecology

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FotonaSmooth® Lasers

Revolutionary non-surgical laser for vaginal health

FotonaSmooth® gynecological lasers were developed specifically for performing the non-invasive Fotona SMOOTH® gynecological treatments; although they also offer the opportunity to perform many other, traditional laser treatments.

FotonaSmooth® SP

  • Two complementary laser wavelengths in one system: 2940 nm Er:YAG and 1064 nm Nd:YAG
  • Fotona SMOOTH® mode technology for non-invasive treatments
  • Er:YAG VSP technology for cold to warm ablation
  • Non-surgical treatments of lesions of the vagina and uterine neck
  • Nd:YAG for additional clinical and aesthetic applications


FotonaSmooth® XS

    • 2940 nm Er:YAG laser
    • Fotona SMOOTH® mode technology for non-invasive treatments
    • VSP technology for cold to warm ablation
    • Non-surgical treatments of lesions of the vagina and uterine neck


Fotona Family

Doctors for Ladies

Dr. Jennifer Poning Lee, Director Beijing International Medical Center

Sexual Rejuvenation & Regenerative Center

Beijing, China

»IntimaLase® has opened another window in my brain for helping my patients who were bothered by sexual dissatisfaction due to vaginal relaxation syndrome. Before the vaginal laser was invented, those women suffered both from... clinical symptoms, such as loss of sexual sensation due to vaginal loosening, as well as from a relationship crisis. Throughout the period of time I have used vaginal laser rejuvenation therapy, I have witnessed many patients repair the relationships with their partners after receiving the IntimaLase® procedure. These invisible but precious rewards keep me passionate about continuously devoting myself to this field to create more wonderful harmonic sexual relationships between couples.«



Prof. Barry O’Reilly, Head of the Department of Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery

Cork University Maternity Hospital

Cork, Ireland

»My patients have been very happy with the idea of an office-based solution for stress urinary incontinence. In particular, it is an ideal option for young women who have not yet completed their family and for women with young... children who are not yet mobile (both groups that would not be appropriate for mid-urethral sling surgery). It has also proven to be an ideal option for women who cannot take time off from work as well as for those who have concerns related to the use of mesh in stress incontinence surgery. Our patients are very aware of the international concerns that have been raised with regard to transvaginal mesh, and despite reassurances about stress incontinence surgery, many are keen to look at newer options like transvaginal laser therapy.

I think we have reached a very exciting time in gynecological surgery with the use of transvaginal laser therapy. This is a unique therapy with a great future and it is important that gynecologists and urogynecologists embrace the future.«



Dr. Christian Phillips, Consultant Gynecologist and Urogynecologist

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Hempshire, Great Britain

»I am always keen to explore non-surgical treatments for gynecological conditions wherever possible. Laser technology achieves this option for many patients and allows them to get on with their activities without any... ‘downtime’ that would occur after surgery. Treatments usually only take between 20 – 30 minutes and recovery is almost immediate.

I am seeing increasing numbers of women who are keen to explore non-surgical treatment for their stress urinary incontinence. This has increased significantly since the concerns over the use of vaginal mesh. We have seen almost no side effects and certainly no serious problems after using the laser, and patients find the treatment to be extremely well tolerated with low discomfort scores. Patient satisfaction has been excellent throughout, which is most gratifying.«



Prof. Marco Gambacciani, Director of the Menopause Center

Pisa University Hospital

Pisa, Italy

»The Fotona SMOOTH® laser technology is not just minimally invasive, it is a completely non-invasive procedure. The Erbium SMOOTH mode is not ablative, causes no bleeding, pain or scars. It is really a patient-friendly... procedure. The gentle, but intense heating of the vaginal tissues can guarantee positive results in more than 80% of patients.«



Prof. Marco Gambacciani, Director of the Menopause Center

Pisa University Hospital

Pisa, Italy

»I have treated hundreds of women, and we have published many papers about the significant and rapid effects of RenovaLase®. In normal postmenopausal women, the effects of VEL (vaginal erbium laser op.ed.) are very rapid... compared with the standard hormonal therapies, but also longer-lasting – up to 12-18 months after the laser application. In our studies, 83% of our patients asked to repeat the treatment: in my mind, this is the best demonstration of the effectiveness of VEL on vaginal atrophy. VEL is the best treatment for breast cancer survivors. With these women, hormonal therapies are not allowed, and these women, often young in their thirties and forties, are really “lone survivors” left alone by practicing physicians, oncologists, and gynecologists. Their sexual life becomes a real nightmare after the iatrogenic menopause. With RenovaLase® the effects are astonishing and their sexual life is not jeopardized by atrophy anymore, without hormones and also without the annoying moisturizers and lubricants.«



Prof. Marco Gambacciani, Director of the Menopause Center

Pisa University Hospital

Pisa, Italy

»The effects of ProlapLase® on the initial steps of POP are really encouraging, mainly when we are dealing with a defect of the anterior vaginal wall, the cystoceles. However, when a woman is presenting with a severe grade of... hysterocele, a prolapse of the uterus with minimal if any prolapse of the vaginal walls, the laser procedure cannot be effective. Patient selection is by far the most important and limiting factor for ProlapLase® effectiveness. The gynecologist must select the proper patient: ProlapLase® is a great option in young women with anterior wall prolapses or in women of all ages with cases of vaginal laxity, particularly those who have delivered large babies, and it’s more common with ageing. The treatment can restore a woman’s self-confidence and sexual gratification.«



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Top Doctors FAQ

Can another Fotona laser system perform this treatment?

Yes, the Fotona Dynamis and Spectro laser systems can be upgraded to perform this treatment – you should contact your local Fotona Gynecology Distributor to inquire about the possible options.

Are the patients required to have a gynecological examination prior to taking the treatment?

Yes, a standard gynecological examination, including a pap-smear, should be performed prior to receiving the treatment.

Are the results permanent?

The results have been shown to be stable up to 18 months post-treatment. After this they start to slowly diminish. A maintenance treatment of one session per year is thus advised after the initial series of sessions to achieve lasting optimal results.

Are there any contra indications for Fotona SMOOTH® treatment?

Yes, these include some pre-existing conditions and pathologies, which are comprehensively stated in the application manuals. Some contraindications include pregnancy, positive Pap-smear, vaginal infections or injuries and other pathologies.

What is the cost of a FotonaSmooth (SP or XS) laser?

To find out the pricing and payment options, please contact your local Fotona distributor.