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Fotona SMOOTH® – Gynecology Laser Treatments

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Why Fotona SMOOTH®?

Fotona SMOOTH® laser treatments offer gentle solutions to vaginal problems such as involuntary leakage during coughing and sports activities, loss of vaginal firmness and vaginal dryness and irritation. They are based on a specially engineered, patented laser mode that works by delivering gentle heat pulses to the vagina, strengthening and improving the tissue quality. Fotona SMOOTH® treatments are gentle, painless and quick ambulatory procedures that can also help patients that suffer from more than one type of problem.

  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Quick recovery

The numbers speak for themselves

81% with
no or mild incontinence

After IncontiLase® treatment, 81% of women that previously suffered from severe urinary incontinence were free of symptoms or had very mild symptoms. Novel minimally invasive laser treatment of urinary incontinence in women. Ogrinc UB, Senčar S, Lenasi H. Lasers Surg Med., 2015: 47(9): 689-97

Improved sexual

95% of women experienced better sensation and more friction during sex, and more than 50% experienced better orgasms after having the IntimaLase® treatment. Gaviria J., Journal of Laser and Health Academy, 2012(1); 46-58

95% with no
dryness and pain

After the RenovaLase® procedure (ref.) more than 95% of menopausal women experienced a significant reduction in vaginal dryness, irritation and pain during intercourse. Novel minimally invasive laser treatment of urinary incontinence in women. Ogrinc UB, Senčar S, Lenasi H. Lasers Surg Med., 2015: 47(9): 689-97

Ladies for Ladies

Manja, 44 years old, Europe

“As a mother of three, two of my deliveries were very difficult, assisted with a vacuum. My troubles with incontinence started three years ago, one year after the birth of my last child. A couple of years ago I started... running to relax from work stress, and that is when the troubles really started. Whenever I didn’t have a completely empty bladder, I began leaking, so I decided to start wearing pads. I talked to my friends and many also complained about this problem, so I came to terms with it for some time. But it was bothering me more and more. I knew that there were some drastic treatment options such as surgery, but I chose not to even think about it. A year ago I read an article about a non-invasive laser treatment and became curious. I contacted a doctor to find out more about it. The non-invasiveness of the procedure persuaded me and I decided to try it. After one treatment I didn’t have to wear pads any more. After the second treatment, I was completely dry and an infection that had previously bothered me was now gone. But not only that, I also discovered that sensations during sexual intercourse became much more intense than before. I was so happy with the procedure that I decided to speak publicly about it so that other women with the same problem will know that there are some excellent new solutions for incontinence available.”



Irena, 33 years old, Europe

“Since I was always an active type I wanted to maintain the same lifestyle after two deliveries. I play tennis and run a lot. Due to leakage of urine, I used to wear pads day and night. I was diagnosed with stress urinary... incontinence, but by any standards my problem is not adequate for an operation. Kegel exercises, despite consistency, did not help. I read about the laser therapy in a women’s magazine. Six weeks after the procedure I was completely dry. Summer is coming and I cannot believe I have freed myself from the eternal pads!”



Vera, 79 years old, Europe

“Despite my age and the many medicines I take, I am not written off. I love to travel with my husband, so leakage of urine bothers me. I was even signed up for the TVT operation, but because of my hip, knee and anticoagulant... therapy they often rescheduled the surgery. In the meantime I found out about the laser intervention for urinary incontinence. Two months after the procedure, I feel great improvement. During a strong sneeze I still leak a few drops of urine, but otherwise not.”



Brenda, 59 years old, North America

“I had a mild problem with leaking urine and I’ve experienced a decline in libido. Six months ago I had laser treatment for vaginal laxity. I was surprised at how quick and painless the procedure was. Moreover, I noticed... the difference immediately as I walked around town and went to lunch! After the surgery, I was advised to abstain from sexual intercourse for two weeks. Waiting has paid off! My libido and sensation during intercourse have been restored in a sense that is better than ever. Even orgasms are stronger and longer. The problem with urine leakage has completely disappeared.”



Maria, 34 years old, South America

“My experience was 100% positive. My partner also felt the difference, and both of us are very happy with the results. I had no pain during the 15-minute procedure and I felt no discomfort after it. The change was very... noticeable. I was narrower, I felt more pleasure when having sex and orgasms improved, more intense and better in quality than before. My partner commented: ‘Why didn’t you do this before?’ I’ve mentioned it to all my friends because the results are great and the effect has lasted. They shouldn’t be scared. They should try it because the improvement is significant.”



Florencia, 52 years old, South America

“Before I had the procedure I had problems with flaccidity. It wasn’t the same anymore. Then vaginal tightening was recommended. I did it, and after that, all was good, in fact, perfect. I did this with Dr. Gaviria. At... first I was a little scared, but they did my tightening and I felt very well. There was no discomfort; I only felt heat, just a little heat, nothing else. I had a great experience since it’s made me feel better in my sexuality. More satisfaction, better orgasms. My partner said: ‘What did you do?’ So I explained to him about vaginal tightening and he said: ‘Well, that’s good, this was really great.’ The effects have lasted. I told my friends that I did a vaginal tightening, that I felt wonderful and that my sexual life has changed a lot and that everything has been great. Then they asked me how this was possible. I explained it to them and they said: ‘I’m going to get a vaginal tightening. I want to have that.’



Lucia, 46 years old, South America

“The reason to perform the procedure was to improve the physical appearance of my genitals and to improve my sexual life after having two children and aging. I’m already 46 years old and this was an important reason for me... to improve the quality of my sexual life. I always thought that my genitals were different from the rest and that they were ugly and different, so when I learned that vaginal reconstruction existed in my area, I decided to make an appointment.
My partner and I, after we had the procedure (because this was an issue for both of us), agree that it was wonderful. It’s like having your vagina as if you didn’t have children, as if you had no sexual relations. It’s like the first time – you feel more pleasure, more friction, greater orgasms, more intense, both for him and for me. It’s like we are again together for the first time again, experiencing better sensations. More self-assurance, better self-esteem, you don’t have that concern of being fully naked in front of your partner, with no taboos, but the contrary – more sure of myself like it was the first time. With the passage of time our relationship has kept improving, enjoying more and more the physical aspect as well as the intensity, and regarding sensations, there is more friction and we keep having a better quality of sexual life. Better orgasms, much, much better orgasms. I’ve mentioned this treatment to all my friends and all of them are willing to have the procedure because they think it’s marvelous based on my experience, so all of them want to have that sensation. Performing this treatment improves our self-esteem and sex with our partners, since it’s like starting again with our partner, more confident, with more experience – like having sex, with experience and with a new vagina!”



Fotona SMOOTH® Treatments


Stress urinary incontinence treatment

IncontiLase® is a gentle laser procedure for treating stress and mixed urinary incontinence. Mild heating of tissue triggers the formation of new collagen and strengthening of the tissue, which helps to minimize unwanted urine leakage.



Vaginal tightening treatment

IntimaLase® delivers SMOOTH® laser pulses to the surface of the vagina and vulva. IntimaLase® has been shown to increase sexual pleasure and positively affect the overall quality of life in treated women.



Treatment for genitourinary syndrome of menopause / vaginal atrophy

RenovaLase® is a laser treatment for menopause-associated vaginal dryness that delivers gentle Fotona SMOOTH® laser pulses to stimulate renewal of the vaginal mucous surface, which can then produce improved levels of lubrication and relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort.



Pelvic organ prolapse treatment

With ProlapLase® treatment, therapeutic laser light is delivered through the vagina to the problematic prolapsed areas and to the whole surface of the vagina. The results of the ProlapLase® procedure are strengthening of the tissue and a reduction in the prolapse stage.



Problem - solution

Julia Started Hiking Again

Julia is a young landscape designer who gets joy and inspiration from weekend hiking trips around the nearby Alps. She has first experienced urinary incontinence in the days following the delivery of her first baby.



How do the Fotona SMOOTH® treatments work?

The treatments work by stimulating the body’s own regenerative potential. Laser pulses are delivered to the tissue in an optimal, patented laser mode that produces gentle heat pulses in the vaginal mucosal lining, stimulating the formation of new collagen and strengthening vaginal wall support.

Are there any age-limitations for the treatments?

The treatments are recommended for adult women of all ages. The effectiveness of the treatment may be reduced with advanced age due to the decreased capacity of the body’s natural regeneration process, which is the mechanism behind the Fotona SMOOTH® procedures.

Are women required to have a gynecological examination prior to taking the treatment?

Yes, they should consult their gynecologists and have a standard gynecological examination, including a pap-smear, prior to starting the treatment.

Can women who are going through menopause have the treatment?

Yes, menopausal women can have the treatment. In the case of severe dryness and irritation, it is recommended to first start with the RenovaLase® treatment, which has been specially developed to treat the symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause. This can then be followed up with treatments for stress urinary incontinence or prolapse, if needed.

How many treatment sessions are necessary?

Two to three procedures with 4-6 week intervals are standardly performed and achieve optimal results. However, some patients may require additional treatments.

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