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Significant reduction of all symptoms without side effects


Treatment for genitourinary syndrome of menopause / vaginal atrophy

Gently restoring vaginal function and comfort in post-menopausal women

  • a non-ablative Er:YAG photo-thermal treatment of the vaginal canal
  • improved vascularization and trophism of the vaginal wall
  • collagen regeneration and improved water content
  • incisionless, minimally invasive
  • no anesthesia needed
  • walk-in/walk-out procedure
  • little-to-no downtime
What is RenovaLase®?

RenovaLase® is a laser treatment for the menopause-associated vaginal atrophy that delivers gentle Fotona SMOOTH® laser pulses to stimulate renewal of the vaginal mucous surface, which can then produce improved levels of lubrication and relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort. RenovaLase® vaginal atrophy treatment produces results that can last more than a year, without the need for constant applications of cream and gels, thus making sexuality in the golden years more enjoyable and effortless. It has shown excellent results in women suffering from vaginal atrophy symptoms such as vaginal dryness, irritation and dyspareunia, including breast cancer survivors.

How does RenovaLase® work?

  • laser-induced, mild and controlled heating of the vaginal tissue
  • stimulation of angiogenesis, fibroblast activity and new collagen formation
  • no thermal or ablative damage
  • the final result is increased epithelial thickness as well as vascularization, along with a reduction of symptoms such as dryness, itching, irritation and dyspareunia

Unique advantages of RenovaLase® for your patients

For the majority of patients, three sessions of RenovaLase® with a one-month interval were sufficient to achieve noticeable results. No special pre-op preparations or post-op precautions are necessary. Patients can immediately return to their normal everyday activities. Additional advantages of RenovaLase® are that the procedure is incisionless and virtually painless, with no ablation, cutting, bleeding, or sutures. Recovery is extremely quick without need for the use of analgesics or antibiotics.

Excellent results from numerous clinical studies

Effect of RenovaLase® on GSM symptoms in breast cancer survivors.

RenovaLase signifficantly decreased the severity of dyspareunia in breast cancer survivors suffering from GSM, the effect lasting more than 12 months after treatment. Gambacciani, Marco, and Marco Levancini. “Vaginal erbium laser as second-generation thermotherapy for the genitourinary syndrome of menopause: a pilot study in breast cancer survivors.” Menopause 24.3 (2017): 316-319

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Selected Abstracts

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause

RenovaLase® treatment induces significant improvement of genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM)


Doctors for Ladies

Prof. Marco Gambacciani, Director of the Menopause Center

Pisa University Hospital

Pisa, Italy

»I have treated hundreds of women, and we have published many papers about the significant and rapid effects of RenovaLase®. In normal postmenopausal women, the effects of VEL (vaginal erbium laser op.ed.) are very rapid... compared with the standard hormonal therapies, but also longer-lasting – up to 12-18 months after the laser application. In our studies, 83% of our patients asked to repeat the treatment: in my mind, this is the best demonstration of the effectiveness of VEL on vaginal atrophy. VEL is the best treatment for breast cancer survivors. With these women, hormonal therapies are not allowed, and these women, often young in their thirties and forties, are really “lone survivors” left alone by practicing physicians, oncologists, and gynecologists. Their sexual life becomes a real nightmare after the iatrogenic menopause. With RenovaLase® the effects are astonishing and their sexual life is not jeopardized by atrophy anymore, without hormones and also without the annoying moisturizers and lubricants.«



Doctors Video Testimonials

Marco Gambacciani, MD

Pisa University Hospital

Pisa, Italy


Tamas Major, MD, PhD

Debrecen Gynecology Laser Center

Debrecen, Hungary


Top Doctors FAQ

Is special preparation of the vaginal canal necessary before performing the RenovaLase® procedure in menopausal women?

Some doctors prescribe the patient a local hormonal gel a few weeks prior to the treatment in severe cases of vaginal atrophy, in order to make the treatment more comfortable. However, many doctors and published studies have reported that there is no special preparation necessary.

Is local anesthesia necessary to apply prior to treatment?

Local anesthesia is not required, as the treatment is not painful (up to 3 on a 1 to 10 VAS scale). However, some physicians use topical anesthetic cream to completely avoid any discomfort, especially for sensitive patients.

Are the patients required to have a gynecological examination prior to taking the treatment?

Yes, a standard gynecological examination, including a pap-smear, should be performed prior to receiving the treatment.

How soon should the patients expect results after having the procedure?

Although an improvement of symptoms is usually noticed already a few days after the procedure, optimal results start to show from one month to six weeks after the initial treatments, as the effects are due to the formation of new collagen in the treated tissue.

Who can perform the treatments?

GenerGenerally, treatments are performed by OB/GYN specialists, although in some countries other specialists can also perform the treatment. We recommend that in such cases, the treatments should be done in close collaboration with a patient gynecologist, in order to obtain the required pre-treatment information.

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See IncontiLase® in action

FotonaSmooth® Lasers

RenovaLase® can be performed using following lasers:

FotonaSmooth® SP

  • Two complementary laser wavelengths in one system: 2940 nm Er:YAG and 1064 nm Nd:YAG
  • Fotona SMOOTH® mode technology for non-invasive treatments
  • Er:YAG VSP technology for cold to warm ablation
  • Non-surgical treatments of lesions of the vagina and uterine neck
  • Nd:YAG for additional clinical and aesthetic applications


FotonaSmooth® XS

    • 2940 nm Er:YAG laser
    • Fotona SMOOTH® mode technology for non-invasive treatments
    • VSP technology for cold to warm ablation
    • Non-surgical treatments of lesions of the vagina and uterine neck