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Vaginal laxity or ‘looseness’ affects almost ¼ of all women who have given birth


Vaginal tightening treatment

A gentle treatment for restoring the firmness of the vagina and enhancing sexual pleasure

  • an effective treatment for vaginal relaxation
  • incisionless, minimally invasive
  • no anesthesia needed
  • walk-in/walk-out procedure
What is IntimaLase®?

IntimaLase® delivers patented Fotona SMOOTH® laser pulses to the surface of the vagina and vulva. These pulses are specially engineered to produce a mild heating effect, which in turn stimulates the formation of new collagen and strengthens the tissue, giving a firmer and tighter quality. IntimaLase® has been shown to increase sexual pleasure and positively affect the overall quality of life in treated women.

How does IntimaLase® work?

  • mild heating and tightening of the vaginal mucosa tissue
  • shrinkage and thickening of the connective tissue in the vaginal wall

Unique advantages of IntimaLase®

For the majority of cases, three sessions of IntimaLase® with a one-month interval are sufficient to achieve noticeable results. No special pre-op preparations or post-op precautions are necessary. You can immediately return to your normal everyday activities. Additional advantages of IntimaLase® are that the procedure is incisionless and virtually painless. Recovery is extremely quick without need for the use of analgesics or antibiotics.

Ladies for Ladies

Vera, 79 years old, Europe

“Despite my age and the many medicines I take, I am not written off. I love to travel with my husband, so leakage of urine bothers me. I was even signed up for the TVT operation, but because of my hip, knee and anticoagulant... therapy they often rescheduled the surgery. In the meantime I found out about the laser intervention for urinary incontinence. Two months after the procedure, I feel great improvement. During a strong sneeze I still leak a few drops of urine, but otherwise not.”



Maria, 34 years old, South America

“My experience was 100% positive. My partner also felt the difference, and both of us are very happy with the results. I had no pain during the 15-minute procedure and I felt no discomfort after it. The change was very... noticeable. I was narrower, I felt more pleasure when having sex and orgasms improved, more intense and better in quality than before. My partner commented: ‘Why didn’t you do this before?’ I’ve mentioned it to all my friends because the results are great and the effect has lasted. They shouldn’t be scared. They should try it because the improvement is significant.”



Lucia, 46 years old, South America

“The reason to perform the procedure was to improve the physical appearance of my genitals and to improve my sexual life after having two children and aging. I’m already 46 years old and this was an important reason for me... to improve the quality of my sexual life. I always thought that my genitals were different from the rest and that they were ugly and different, so when I learned that vaginal reconstruction existed in my area, I decided to make an appointment.
My partner and I, after we had the procedure (because this was an issue for both of us), agree that it was wonderful. It’s like having your vagina as if you didn’t have children, as if you had no sexual relations. It’s like the first time – you feel more pleasure, more friction, greater orgasms, more intense, both for him and for me. It’s like we are again together for the first time again, experiencing better sensations. More self-assurance, better self-esteem, you don’t have that concern of being fully naked in front of your partner, with no taboos, but the contrary – more sure of myself like it was the first time. With the passage of time our relationship has kept improving, enjoying more and more the physical aspect as well as the intensity, and regarding sensations, there is more friction and we keep having a better quality of sexual life. Better orgasms, much, much better orgasms. I’ve mentioned this treatment to all my friends and all of them are willing to have the procedure because they think it’s marvelous based on my experience, so all of them want to have that sensation. Performing this treatment improves our self-esteem and sex with our partners, since it’s like starting again with our partner, more confident, with more experience – like having sex, with experience and with a new vagina!”



Patients Video Testimonials

IntimaLase Testimonial

Latin America


IntimaLase Testimonial

Latin America


Problem - solution

Lisa is Happy Again

Lisa always wanted a big family. She had three vaginal births during a six year period, the third being twins. Her dream was fulfilled.


Top IntimaLase® FAQ

How do the Fotona SMOOTH® treatments work?

The treatments work by stimulating the body’s own regenerative potential. Laser pulses are delivered to the tissue in an optimal, patented laser mode that produces gentle heat pulses in the vaginal mucosal lining, stimulating the formation of new collagen and strengthening vaginal wall support.

Are the results permanent?

The results have been shown to be stable up to 18 months post-treatment. After this they start to slowly diminish. A maintenance treatment of one session per year is thus advised after the initial series of sessions to achieve lasting optimal results.

Is it possible to over-tighten the vaginal canal and introitus as a consequence of IntimaLase® treatment?

This cannot be the case as the treatment results in only slight shrinkage of existing collagen and stimulation of the production of natural collagen, enabling regeneration to a pre-condition state.

How many treatment sessions are necessary?

Two to three procedures with 4-6 week intervals are standardly performed and achieve optimal results. However, some patients may require additional treatments.

How long after receiving the treatment can a woman become sexually active?

In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended that women should abstain from sexual intercourse for a period of between one to two weeks following the treatment.

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