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1 out of 3 women over the age of 45 have stress urinary incontinence


Stress urinary incontinence treatment

A gentle treatment with powerful results in reducing unwanted urine leakage

  • a safe treatment for stress urinary incontinence
  • incisionless, minimally invasive
  • no anesthesia needed
  • walk-in/walk-out procedure
  • little-to-no downtime
What is IncontiLase®?

IncontiLase® is a gentle laser procedure for treating stress and mixed urinary incontinence. Laser light in a patented Fotona SMOOTH® pulsing mode is delivered to the vaginal surface through a specially designed delivery system that is designed to be gentle and painless. It results in mild heating of the tissue, triggering the formation of new collagen and strengthening of the pelvic support, which helps to effectively stop or minimize involuntary urine leakage during physical activities, coughing or sneezing.

The treatment works best in mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence patients, with very good results in for severe stress urinary incontinence as well. Mixed incontinence patients get relief in stress symptoms

How does IncontiLase® work?

  • mild heating of connective vaginal tissue with emphasis on the anterior vaginal wall
  • activation of collagen neogenesis and remodeling leading to the shrinkage and tightening of irradiated tissues
  • reduction of unwanted urine leakage.

Unique advantages of IncontiLase®

For the majority of cases, two sessions of IncontiLase® with a one-month interval are sufficient to alleviate mild or even moderate stress urinary incontinence. No special pre-op preparations or post-op precautions are necessary. You can immediately return to your normal everyday activities. Additional advantages of IncontiLase® are that the procedure is incisionless and virtually painless. Recovery is extremely quick without need for the use of analgesics or antibiotics.

Ladies for Ladies

Manja, 44 years old, Europe

“As a mother of three, two of my deliveries were very difficult, assisted with a vacuum. My troubles with incontinence started three years ago, one year after the birth of my last child. A couple of years ago I started... running to relax from work stress, and that is when the troubles really started. Whenever I didn’t have a completely empty bladder, I began leaking, so I decided to start wearing pads. I talked to my friends and many also complained about this problem, so I came to terms with it for some time. But it was bothering me more and more. I knew that there were some drastic treatment options such as surgery, but I chose not to even think about it. A year ago I read an article about a non-invasive laser treatment and became curious. I contacted a doctor to find out more about it. The non-invasiveness of the procedure persuaded me and I decided to try it. After one treatment I didn’t have to wear pads any more. After the second treatment, I was completely dry and an infection that had previously bothered me was now gone. But not only that, I also discovered that sensations during sexual intercourse became much more intense than before. I was so happy with the procedure that I decided to speak publicly about it so that other women with the same problem will know that there are some excellent new solutions for incontinence available.”



Irena, 33 years old, Europe

“Since I was always an active type I wanted to maintain the same lifestyle after two deliveries. I play tennis and run a lot. Due to leakage of urine, I used to wear pads day and night. I was diagnosed with stress urinary... incontinence, but by any standards my problem is not adequate for an operation. Kegel exercises, despite consistency, did not help. I read about the laser therapy in a women’s magazine. Six weeks after the procedure I was completely dry. Summer is coming and I cannot believe I have freed myself from the eternal pads!”



Florencia, 52 years old, South America

“Before I had the procedure I had problems with flaccidity. It wasn’t the same anymore. Then vaginal tightening was recommended. I did it, and after that, all was good, in fact, perfect. I did this with Dr. Gaviria. At... first I was a little scared, but they did my tightening and I felt very well. There was no discomfort; I only felt heat, just a little heat, nothing else. I had a great experience since it’s made me feel better in my sexuality. More satisfaction, better orgasms. My partner said: ‘What did you do?’ So I explained to him about vaginal tightening and he said: ‘Well, that’s good, this was really great.’ The effects have lasted. I told my friends that I did a vaginal tightening, that I felt wonderful and that my sexual life has changed a lot and that everything has been great. Then they asked me how this was possible. I explained it to them and they said: ‘I’m going to get a vaginal tightening. I want to have that.’




Problem - solution

Julia Started Hiking Again

Julia is a young landscape designer who gets joy and inspiration from weekend hiking trips around the nearby Alps. She has first experienced urinary incontinence in the days following the delivery of her first baby.


Top IncontiLase® FAQ

How do the Fotona SMOOTH® treatments work?

The treatments work by stimulating the body’s own regenerative potential. Laser pulses are delivered to the tissue in an optimal, patented laser mode that produces gentle heat pulses in the vaginal mucosal lining, stimulating the formation of new collagen and strengthening vaginal wall support.

Are there any age-limitations for the treatments?

The treatments are recommended for adult women of all ages. The effectiveness of the treatment may be reduced with advanced age due to the decreased capacity of the body’s natural regeneration process, which is the mechanism behind the Fotona SMOOTH® procedures.

What does IncontiLase® stand for?

IncontiLase® is the market name for treatment of Stress & Mixed Urinary Incontinence using the FotonaSmooth® laser.

Can women who are going through menopause have the treatment?

Yes, menopausal women can have the treatment. In the case of severe dryness and irritation, it is recommended to first start with the RenovaLase® treatment, which has been specially developed to treat the symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause. This can then be followed up with treatments for stress urinary incontinence or prolapse, if needed.

Are there any contra indications that may prevent a woman from having the treatment?

Yes, these should be explained by the performing physician. These include positive Pap-smear, vaginal infections or injuries and different other pathologies.

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