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Julia Started Hiking Again

Julia is a young landscape designer who gets joy and inspiration from weekend hiking trips around the nearby Alps. She has first experienced urinary incontinence in the days following the delivery of her first baby. She had trouble controlling her urinary flow and was confused and scared. Luckily, the nurses at the delivery ward consoled her and assured that the symptoms will diminish after a couple of months. And so they did. Julia happily raised her baby and decided to have another. She again faced the same problem after delivery. It lasted for a while but this time the problem persisted, and was worse at times of increased physical activity. That was especially true during her hiking trips. Some of her day-long journeys in the hills have proven very difficult and embarrassing when she needed to pause in order to change pads.

She consulted her gynecologist and while doing her own research on the topic, ran into an advertisement for the IncontiLase® laser treatment for stress urinary incontinence. She looked for a nearby doctor performing the IncontiLase® procedure and scheduled an appointment. The doctors performed a standard gynecological examination and confirmed that she was the right candidate for the procedure. After doing some initial tests, she was scheduled for the first treatment. The treatment was a half-hour session. The procedure was done through a smooth glass speculum, which was inserted into the vagina, and then the laser light was delivered through a handpiece that was inserted into the speculum. She felt a tingling and warm sensation, which was more pronounced in the areas closer to the outside genitals, but wasn’t painful. Afterwards, they told her that she might have some swelling and irritation for a couple of days. She was scheduled for another procedure a month after the first one. The doctor told her that the results will get better for some time and will reach full effect after about a month and a half.

She noticed a big positive change already after the first treatment – she was still using daily pads but noticed they were almost dry each time she went to the bathroom. Two months after the second treatment, she put the IncontiLase® procedure to the test – she went for a 20 km charity hike with her friends. She felt like a new woman; there was no unwanted leakage or embarrassing pad-changing stops. As she hiked towards the mountain top, she felt happy and free.